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Billboards are harming our wellbeing…

A project by Micah Purnell, during DesignMcr, Nov 2019


so let’s ask the best thinkers in the world what we need to live well…



Oliver James

Author and broadcaster whose work include the Channel Four documentary Britain On The Couch: How keeping up with the Joneses has depressed us since 1950. 


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Jacques Peretti

Award-winning investigative reporter. His television series include The Men who Made us Spend. He studied economics at the London School of Economics and lives in London.


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Dr. Anne Cronin

Her expertise in the area of advertising, consumerism, PR and visual culture is unparalleled world over! Books include Advertising Myths and Public Relations Capitalism


and get the best designers to create a billboard campaign in Manchester based on their findings…


A global agency who’s healthcare department have a keen interest in wellbeing. Canne Lion's Healthcare Agency of the Year 2018. 

Havas Lynx


Responsible for The Lynx Effect whilst at BBH. Mentored by the late Paul Arden. Worked on Nike, Coke, Levi's, Adidas, Coutts and Vogue among others.

Tiger's Eye


A creative studio with Design Thinking and Ethical Persuasion™ at heart with a passion to pursue projects that offer a tangible benefit to people’s wellbeing.

Micah Purnell


…followed by a panel event with all involved to inspire a new way of being.